Our History and Objectives

What seemed like a dream is now a reality. During a courtesy call, His grace Rev. Dr. Ivan Dias, Archbishop of Mumbai suggested to sister Vincent and Sister Ezilda that the Apostolic Carmel venture into Navi Mumbai, to make the presence of the Church felt there. That was on May 14, 1997.

Father Larry Periera the Dean of Navi Mumbai was to be contacted for necessary information and advice regarding the proposed project for a new foundation.

The Idea took root. On August 21, 1997, as directed by sister Ezilda, the provincial team viz. Sisters Silvania, Lira Morais, Nathalia Mary and Josina set out for Navi Mumbai. We found Father Larry Pereira all out to help us. We first visited Sacred Heart Church and School at Vashi. After light refereshments, we visited several sites ear-marked for schools at the Prominent nodes of Nerul, Khargar, Kalamboli and East Part. We returned home filled with enthusiasm for the Evangelization of Navi Mumbai.

Next, we worked on the application form. We informed the Archbishop about it and Father Larry Pereira presented it to C.I.D.C.O (City and Industrial Corporation) office, Belapur, Navi Mumbai. On July 13, 1998 we were pleasantly surprised by FAX message from C.I.D.C.O., Navi Mumbai, informing us that a plot was allotted to us for an English Medium School.

We were faced with making the final decision. In discernment, prayer, we concluded that another Visit to Navi Mumbai was necessary, before undertaking the project. Several key persons besides Father Larry Pereira, like the Manager and the Principal of Sacred Heart School, Vashi, the Provincial Superior of the C.J.M. and her council, a lawyer, a diocesan representative and the A.C Community at Bandra were requested to give their opinion. All, without exception, advised us to launch the project.

On July 28, 1998, Father Larry Pereira once again accompanied us to the various townships in Navi Mumbai and finally to Kalamboli where he himself had his Parish residence close to the proposed site.

The Provincial team met in prayer again for some days-limited personnel and paucity of funds glared at us. Finally On August 2, 1998, after a discernment session, in peace and Calm unanimously voted in favour of the new project. We took the plunge with deep trust in God’s help. Things kept moving. Our Convents helped us in a big way to meet the initial expense. Relatives, friends and benefactors contributed on this occasion, Sister Ezilda spoke of our hopes for this area of Navi Mumbai.

On November 6, 1999, the Provincial Superior and her team, set out to Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai to help our two pioneers Sisters Eunicia and Lourdine to set up a hired flat, not far from our plot. The two sisters supervised the work on the site and in January 2000, began taking admissions to the Nursery, Pre-Primary classes and to Std. I.

By now, the required accommodation for the first three classes was almost ready, and we were all set for the inauguration in June 2000.

Thus Carmel Convent High School, Kalamboli was established in the year 2000 for the education of girls and boys. Sr Eunicia who was equipped with vast knowledge and experience to build this infant institution with vigour and enthusiasm was the first headmistress. Her Successor Sr.M. Meeta worked hard for the recognition of the school and obtained it in 2002. In 2004 Sr Maria Sushmita who was appointed as a principal of the school took immense trouble to get Permanent Recognition. When the bud started blooming with the help of the sisters and the teachers the school faced a terrible tragedy of flood which brought loss for the school. Sr Dorita who assumed the charge of the School in 2006 strived to live up to the vision of the Foundress Mother Veronica. She not only got the permission for Second Division but also saw the development of the school.

In 2008 Sr. Joviana was appointed as a new headmistress till 2015 and who also worked for the Xth standard students approval for the board exam. As the years rolled by, the name and fame of Carmel Convent High School reached far and wide. Consequently pressure for admissions mounted. Currently the strength is 1700 students and 60 teachers. At the time of admissions, preference is given to the poor students. They are helped with free uniforms and fee concessions.

The School provides ample opportunities for the all round development of the students. The computer facilities on the campus provide students a portal to the digital world. The school has playground for football, basketball and other outdoor activities that help students channel their energies in productive physical development. Besides this we have indoor games like table tennis, carrom board and chess. Students take part in inter school sports competitions and bring laurels to the school.

The school has taken keen interest to cultivate reading habits in the students by providing well equipped School Library . It supports the students by providing appropriate information resources. It is well equipped with various sections of books according to the students’ age and level. There are plenty of reference books which help the students as well as the teachers to upgrade their knowledge. School promotes extra-curricular activities along with the curriculum.

The school has a music section, yoga section, karate class and dance class.The students learn wonderful world of Music, Yoga, Karate and Dance. Carmel Convent High School, Kalamboli improves academic performance of students by using Digital Teaching through Multimedia. We also introduced Carmel Convent high school App in order to have quick communication with the parents

All glory to God for the wonderful way in which He has worked for us and granted for us so far 100 percent results. We dedicate this new foundation to Jesus through Mary, His Blessed Mother, hoping and praying that we may work with dedication and zeal for the spread of His kingdom.

Our Objectives

  • Our aim is to form integrated men and women.
  • Capable of responding to lives challenges with jot and a deep faith in God
  • Guided by right values in their choices and decisions
  • Develop a greater national consciousness and love for other faiths, beliefs and cultures
  • Enriched by our cultural heritage and deeply committed to the service of our people specially the poor, the needy and underprivileged

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