Our History and Objectives

The Apostolic Carmel is an Indian Congregation of Sisters which was established in India on 19th November, 1870. It was founded in Bayonne, France on 16th July 1868 by Mother Veronica of the Passion. She was a holy and dedicated woman who was inspired by God to start a congregation devoted mainly to the education of youth. Carmel Convent High School, Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai founded in June 2000 is one of the Institutions conducted by the Apostolic Carmel Sisters.

We draw our inspiration from Christ, who willed the total development of every person as also from our Foundress, Mother Veronica.

Mother Veronica, nee Sophie Leeves, was born in 1823 in a cultured, English family. She was gifted with singular talents of mind and heart, which were nurtured by sound education and wide experience, as she was well travelled. God took possessions of her heart so powerfully, that she first broke off her engagement to a marine officer whom she loved, and then responded generously to the call to Religious life. Mother Veronica was open and generous in responding to God’s will and after much struggle, she finally founded Congregation of the Apostolic Carmel in Bayonne, France in 1867. Henceforth, her sisters across the globe would work enthusiastically for the upliftment of women through all round education. The first group of Apostolic Carmelites arrived in India in 1870. The first Convent was established at St. Ann’s Convent, in the diocese of Mangalore, Karnataka.

It is 150 years since the Apostolic Carmel Congregation began in India, today it has spread its branches in 8 countries including Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Africa, Bahrain and Italy. In 181 convents in 75 dioceses, we now have nearly 1620 sisters working in Degree and postgraduate colleges, B.Ed & M.Ed. Colleges, D.Ed. Colleges, Higher Secondary Schools, Special Schools, Nursery Schools, Play Schools, Technical Schools,Women’s Welfare Centers, Creches, Healthcare Centres, Hostels and Boarding Houses and Children’s Homes. Besides the above we also have a number of Literacy Centers and National Open Schools. We also have scores of our sisters working for the training and rehabilitation of women and children in prison as well as working for the integral development of the poor and needy in rural and tribal areas. Mother Veronica’s heroic obedience to the will of God, her life of faith and prayer, her wholehearted commitment, her outstanding humility and courage, remain an inspiration to all, who seek to dedicate themselves to the transformation of Society, through the loving service of humanity, especially the less privileged. Following in her footsteps, we continue the work of education through our various Institutions from the Nursery to the College level.

While our education is directed towards the total development of the person, we are primarily concerned with instilling spiritual values in those who come under our care. Thus, we help them to take their rightful place as responsible citizens in society. Mary, Queen of Carmel is our patroness who inspires us to live up to the motto of our school.


Carmel Convent High School has spacious, well planned building and a playground. It is recognized by the Directorate of Education of Maharashtra. We strive to implement the national aims and objectives of education through the goals our school has discovered and which must be realized and propagated by our staff and students.

Our Objectives

  • Our aim is to form integrated men and women.
  • Capable of responding to lives challenges with joy and a deep faith in God.
  • Guided by right values in their choices and decisions.
  • Develop a greater national consciousness and love for other faiths, beliefs and cultures.
  • Enriched by our cultural heritage and deeply committed to the service of our people specially the poor, the needy and underprivileged

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